Adding to our Team

“No man’s knowledge can go beyond his experience” –John Locke.

We are so proud to welcome Dr. Bruce Kaufman and his staff to the team at TerraGreen Dental. Dr. Kaufman has been a leader in the Springfield dental community for 37 years. He has built a wonderful practice and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

While he is eyeing retirement in the next few years, no date has been set for his exit. Deservedly, he is slowing his office hours down to 2 days a week. Following Dr. Kaufman in the transition to Dr. Hoff’s office is his wonderful team. Existing patients of Dr. Kaufman will feel good knowing that all the same friendly faces and wonderful clinical staff will be at the new location caring for them.

We realize that change is not easy for anyone, especially if you are a patient. Dr. Kaufman did not take the decision of choosing Dr. Hoff lightly. Both Dr. Hoff and Dr. Kaufman have very similar practice philosophies and social demeanors, so this was a perfect fit!!!! Along with the practice transition will be a location change. Dr. Kaufman will be moving to the new location of TerraGreen Dental at 2305 S. Blackman Rd, Building A, Suite 100, Springfield, Mo 65809.

All the best,

Dr. Hoff, Dr. Kaufman & Team

Josh Stewart

Hook Creative, 438 West McDaniel Street, Springfield, MO, 65806, United States

Josh is the Chief Creative / Partner at Hook Creative.